The Charity

of Mrs Mabel Luke

Registered with the Charity Commissioners no. 236518

The Charity has formed "Mabel Luke Trustee Ltd" (Company No. 10241286) to be the sole corporate trustee. Directors of Mabel Luke Trustee Ltd were previously the Charity Trustees. We have received the Order from the Charity Commission that makes the Company our soleTrustee,


All the Directors are unpaid Volunteers

Interested in becoming a Director/Trustee?

Look below the list for further information.


and Director

William Piner




Peter Jakubowski



Ian Sheppard





Councillor Jeannette Clifford

West Berkshire Council Nomination



and Director

Diane Haines



Tony Vickers



Sue Farrant


Councillor John Gardner

Newbury Town Council

Are You interested in joining us?

We are looking for more people with particular skill sets, including Financial, Legal, and Housing Management experience in order to help us with the wide range of tasks we have to perform in order to progress this project through the building stage and then into appropriate ongoing management.

If you have these skills and are interested enough to want to be involved see the letter on the home page..

Please Email us (with your CV and a covering note) via our contact page, include a telephone contact number, and we will get back to you.