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We are a small Newbury Charity established in 1928 by a generous local benefactor who cared about local people who were struggling to find adequate housing. She gave land in Mill Lane, near the town centre. On part of that land she had four dwellings built which have been occupied as Almshouses with low rent ever since. They are managed by Trustees, who are all unpaid volunteers.

The recent History (2016)

We now have planning consent to build three new blocks of flats starting in February 2017...

(4 one bed ; 12 two-bed) on the whole of the Charity's land. We have to complete the project by April 2018 in order to be able to take advantage of a Government Grant of £420,000. We are confident that we will be awarded other grants from local funding bodies, which along with our own reserves will take the total to £930,000. The West Berkshire Housing Authority have been working closely with us.


However the total cost of the project will over £2.5 million. We can borrow at favourable rates from the Charity Bank but to help make up the deficit we are seeking donations from other benefactors. We have registered with "the good exchange" (Greenham Trust) and need to raise as much as possible by February 2017, which is when we plan to start the build in Mill Lane, Newbury.


There is a growing shortage of affordable housing for local people in Newbury and the rest of West Berkshire.

The 2016 "Vital Signs report" produced by The Berkshire Community Foundation highlights housing affordability as a problem where "Things aren't going very well. We should take action as soon as possible!"

The reality of this means that there is a long waiting list of people needing one and two bedroom accommodation. Supporting an Almshouse project is a particularly good way for generous donors to help ensure this shortage is reduced, because they are exempt from the Government’s “Right to Buy” proposals: so there is no chance that your money will be lost to the housing sector, and it will continue to work for people in need into the future.


The Trustees of the Charity are determined to rise to this challenge - but we cannot do so on our own.

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The Charity

of Mrs Mabel Luke

Registered with the Charity Commissioners no. 236518

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Please see the document below to see if you can offer the skill sets that are now required as we move towards the completion of our building programme and begin to prepare for the first residents to move into the 16 new Almshouse Flats.


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